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Who is responsible for the deductible?

The property owner is responsible for the deductible.

Who pays for the cost of the reconstruction?

If your damage was caused by an insurable event, the insurance company will cover the cost of the reconstruction.

What is my warranty?

Recromax's warranty is one year from completion of the reconstruction.

Why use Recromax?

Recromax provides a rapid response, courteous staff and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all professional services rendered.

What is Recromaxs response time?

Recromax can be on-site within 2 hours of any emergency service call.

How can I be sure it's safe to return to my home?

Recromax certifies that the air quality is safe. Recromax uses structural engineers to insure that building structure is safe and follows the latest building codes.

Who do I contact at my insurance company?

Your insurance agent will get the process started.

What is my cost going to be?

If your claim is covered, your only cost will be the deductible.

Where do I stay during construction?

If a large part of your structure is affected your insurance company will pay for temporary housing.

What do I do about meals and expenses while I'm out of my home?

Your insurance company will provide an allowance.

How long will it take to get the work done?

The length of time is dependent on the amount of damage. Recromax will give you a road map to your recovery with an expected return date.

When will construction start?

As soon as all building permits are issued.

Can I make changes to what I had before?

You may, but if you upgrade you are responsible for the cost.

How does your estimate get approved?

Recromax will work with the adjuster to refine the scope. We use the leading industry software to calculate replacement cost.

How are you connected to my insurance company?

We are not connected with the insurance company. We act as a liaison between you and your insurance company. We are your advocate through your recovery and a preferred vendor for most insurance carriers.

Can you talk to my adjuster and negotiate for me?

Recromax will work with your adjuster to communicate all needs and provide status updates on the mitigation/repair processes along the way.