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Damage at Home? Now What?

Emergencies in your home are never fun. It is impossible to plan the day that a storm may damage your home or drop a tree on your roof. It is hard to imagine anyone waking up and thinking, “Today would be a great day for the washing machine to overflow and leak water all over our floors! Then we can call someone to spend a few days cleaning up and drying out the mess!” Emergencies rarely occur during normal business hours, making them even more frustrating. Nothing like waking up at 2 a.m. because the supply line from the toilet in the second floor bathroom broke and is now dripping water on your forehead…

So now what do you do? Do you pick up the phone and call your agent or insurance company’s “1-800-I-have-a-claim” number to report your problem. Do you fire up the laptop and hop on Google or Bing and look for the first name that appears?

It is an interesting conundrum. Every restoration company offers “24 Hour Emergency Response”. That isn't a characteristic that distinguishes anyone. Most companies have the right equipment and many have trained technicians on staff. That doesn't automatically qualify them to come trouncing into your house in the predawn hours of the night to help you out. You want someone that will help you. What you need is a company that you can trust to “stop the bleeding” and help restore your family quickly to a sense of normalcy.

As a homeowner, a relationship with an emergency restoration company is an interesting situation. Odds are that you have never needed to call on one to perform any services at your home. If truth be told, you never want to have to do business with one at your home. Yet we at Recromax exist because emergencies do occur. Those are the moments when you need someone to call whom you can trust to know what they are doing, put you at ease, and to do the job correctly.

Any type of emergency damage is difficult. Though we at Recromax have seen hundreds of scenarios, both large and small, no two are totally alike. The damage that you and your family may face will be unique to you.

We understand that. We want to help you fix what is affected. We will help you through the process. It is our job to respond quickly to your situation, restore your property as soon as we can, and return you to your daily lives.

In the event something untoward does occur at your home or office, call us at Recromax. We will come out for free and assess the situation. We will listen. We can discuss options with you and your family. Then we can take the steps needed to help you put your life back together.

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