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Preventing Mildew and other Kitty Litter uses!

The one thing about Kitty Litter is that it has so many different uses than that “darn old litter box”.

Did you now if you have leftover paint to dispose of – many collection services will not take left over paint during collection. Throw some kitty litter into the paint can until the paint is absorbed. You can then empty the paint can, dispose of the litter, and the trash collection service should accept the empty paint can.

Kitty litter is also helpful in preventing mildew.

You can keep moisture out of your bathroom or closets by placing an open container of kitty litter at these locations.

A good camping tip is to keep your equipment mildew free between seasons, by placing a few socks of litter in your tent before storing it for the winter. This is also good for suitcases and coolers – anything that you may use seasonally or occasionally.

Would you believe that one can use kitty litter in a humidor to help control humidity?

For our friends up north, kitty litter is a great substitute for salt to prevent sliding and slipping on ice patches.

De-musk books and other vintage items: Whether you're getting ready to sell stuff on eBay, or trying to un-funk a book you got at a yard sale, try sealing them overnight in a container with clean litter, which will suck up smoke and mildew smells.

Yes even your BBQ grill: A layer of litter in the bottom of your barbecue grill will prevent grease fires from starting. Spread two inches in the bottom, then add the charcoal on top; change out the litter when it gets soaked with drippings.

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