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Emergency Services

As a preferred vendor for many insurance carriers, Recromax’s dedicated estimators and project managers will quickly assess damage and suggest cost-effective options to consider.

Who is responsible for the deductible?

The property owner is responsible for the deductible.

Who pays for the cost of reconstruction?

If your damage was caused by an insurable event, the insurance company will inspect the damage and advise as to what is covered for the cost of reconstruction.

How long are my repairs under warranty?

This varies depending on the insurance carrier.

What is Recromax’s response time?

Recromax is available 24/7 for emergency service work. Recromax can be on site within 2 hours of any emergency services call.

How can I be sure it’s safe to return to my home?

Recromax certifies that the air quality is safe. Recromax uses structural engineers to ensure that the building structure is safe and follows the latest building codes.

Who do I contact at my insurance company?

Your insurance agent will get the process started and an insurance adjuster from your insurance carrier will be assigned to your insurance claim.

What is my cost going to be?

If your insurance claim is covered, your only cost will be the deductible. However, if you choose to upgrade the replacement selections, you may be responsible for additional costs. During the material selection stage of production, your project manager will review approved material selections with you.

Where do I stay during construction?

If a large part of your structure is affected, your insurance company may pay for temporary housing; please get with your insurance agent as to what is covered under your policy and policy limits.

What do I do about meals and expenses while I’m out of my home?

Your insurance company may provide an allowance. Please get with your insurance agent as to what is covered under your policy and policy limits.

How long will it take to get the work done?

The length of time is dependent on the amount of damage and selections. Recromax will provide you with a Road Map to Recovery to walk you through project milestones and an anticipated completion date.

When will construction start?

As soon as all building permits are issued.

Can I make changes to selections I had before?

You can, but if you upgrade, you are responsible for the cost.

How does your estimate get approved?

Recromax will work with the adjuster to define the scope. We use leading industry software to calculate the replacement cost.

How is Recromax connected to your insurance company?

Recromax is not. We act as a liaison between you and your insurance company. Recromax acts as your advocate through your recovery and we are a preferred vendor for most insurance carriers.

What is a “preferred vendor” with an insurance company?

Being a preferred vendor with an insurance company means we have completed an application process to partner with the company. We are required to be licensed, insured, background checked, and hold industry certifications to remain partnered with various insurance companies. As a preferred vendor we also agree to follow various time frames, workmanship standards, and pricing guidelines.

Can you talk to my adjuster and negotiate for me?

Recromax will work with your adjuster to communicate all needs and provide status updates on the mitigation/repair process along the way.

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