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Helping you prepare for disaster

When managing a business or property, not only is it important to know who to call when a loss happens, but it is even more important to have a pre-loss plan in place so if a loss occurs you can provide the needed information and you have proper pre-documentation of your property.  If you are a commercial property or facility manager, then Recromax’s “Ready Report” is for you.

Commercial Preparedness

What Is The ready report?

The Recromax Ready Report is a customized and sharable document that our experts put together specifically for your property. It works as a map and communication tool to provide important information in the event of a disaster or loss at your property.

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how it works

A Recromax team member will visit your property to conduct a walk through with you. During the walk through the Recromax team member will utilize our Matterport 3D camera system to scan your property and with you identify key areas such as; Power shut offs, gas shut offs, entrances/exits, etc. This 3D map of your property can be shared with anyone at any time.

Along with the 3D map to identify important areas of the property, the Recromax team member will work with you to compile a key contact list of who would need to be contacted in the even of an emergency.

Minimizing Damage & Time Loss

Having this information put together ahead of time is crucial for minimizing damage and returning your property to its’ pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Recromax provides the Ready Report as a complimentary service to all current and future commercial property partners. Contact us today to schedule your Ready Report!

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The Recromax Commitment

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With our top of the line equipment and detailed processes to perform your Restoration, Reconstruction and Rehab projects, you can rest assured that you will receive the following:

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