Be proactive with Recromax’s preventative & disinfection cleaning services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are taking additional precautions to be proactive and enhance the regular cleaning standards of their business. Reassure your employees, tenants, and customers that when they return preventative disinfection measures recommended by the CDC have taken place in your space.

How it works

Essentially all of the common areas are cleaned and then an EPA registered disinfectant is applied. A fog treatment is applied as a final step IF the building is not occupied while we are conducting the disinfection cleaning services. Floor coverings are cleaned with a hepa vacuum and then a disinfectant is applied. Common areas are but not limited to: Doors, door knobs, door trim and casing, light switches, chairs, desks, contents on desks, bathroom sinks, toilets, filing cabinets, ledges, horizontal surfaces.

The Recromax field team is screened daily before entering your property to make sure they do not have any of the known COVID-19 symptoms. Recromax is trained and able to handle 2 of the OSHA sanitation standard conditions:
Condition I: Working within an environment performing preventative cleaning and applications of registered and approved disinfectants.
Condition II: Working in and around an environment where there is a concern of the presence of COVID-19 but has not been verified.

Free quotes available via email. During this time in an effort to continue to work responsibly and avoid any unnecessary in person interaction, Recromax will provide you a disinfection cleaning service quote via email. To do so, the information needed from you is the app